In 2015 I began to wonder about my purpose and career path. I used to see the name Aurora everywhere I went. Whether I was travelling, reading a book or watching something. I was Career Coaching youth and adults. Wondering how it was they easily were guided to their path and me not yet on mine. I knew I loved the outdoors rather than an office. By 2017 I began teaching myself how to create Castile Soap bars made from Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, perfect for my sensitive skin. On a day like any other I attended an Olive Galore workshop at Babylonstoren. Eager to learn from the experts about Quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. I was in their garden chatting to oom Anton Roux their horticulturist and pruning maestro when I saw a beautiful white rose a Dawn Rose near my feet. As I looked up in front of me I saw Table Mountain and knew at that moment I wanted to make my own natural skincare and call it Aurora Rose.