Conscious skincare for skin, mind and Planet


We dedicate our brand to you – the brave! To the fearless warriors who go forth each day, no matter what bruises they wear on their hearts. May we always strive to uplift each other and empower ourselves. Together, help make the world a better place.


Jasantha is the face and hands behind Aurora Natural Skincare. She feels for those struggling with sensitive skin and food allergies. Let alone finding suitable skincare. A problem she faced since her teens.

She spent countless visits to Dermatologists and even became vegetarian for a decade. Then switched to natural skincare. Only to discover ingredients she was allergic to. Including essential oils which contain fragrance allergens that irritated her skin.

Her search led her to a solution from 16th Century Europe – Castile Soap, created from pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. After months of perfecting her formulation and noticing improvements, from friends and family she began selling to local health shops.

She left behind IT Consulting. In 2019 qualified with a distinction in Cosmetic Formulation Science. A postgrad qualification from the University of Cape Town’s Hair and Skin Research (HSR) Lab. Where she learnt to formulate safe skincare and align with EU Cosmetic Regulations. It was important to Jasantha to understand every ingredient from source to skin and be able to formulate for people like her.

Jasantha supports her customers on their journey understanding they are not Cosmetic Formulation Scientists. She provides 1:1 Consultations and runs workshops to empower customers about skin-safe ingredients. She also Consults to small brands.

She recently joined Formula Botanica’s community of graduates with her Certificate in Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare. When she is not working with Aurora Focus Groups she can be seen mentoring youth in her neighbourhood.


We believe we all deserve to feel good in our skin. After all, we take it with us wherever we go. No matter our skin type or age, to adore what we see in the mirror. To love and appreciate the skin we have. To love our imperfections, be more gentle and pamper it with skin-friendly ingredients.

We believe in inspiring these experiences in you by creating quality natural skincare your sensitive skin will love. Opting for only high-end skin-safe ingredients that leave your skin feeling calmer and you – more in love with your skin. More than a natural skincare brand, we are committed to making positive social impacts.


Since 2017 the Beauty Industry has produced around 76.8 billion in plastic packaging. With such power, comes great responsibility. To look at the impact of the Skincare Production Lifecycle from source to skin, including what happens to the finished product and outer packaging.

Aurora Natural Skincare incentivizes the return of empty bottles and tins with the Return and Refill initiative underway in Cape Town. Waste paper collected from local businesses is transformed by Growing Paper company into handmade seed paper – to accompany orders. One can plant or donate their flower, herb or veggie seed paper cards.