A 100 g tin can contain 100 g or 100 ml of water. A balm is heavier. We formulate by weight and fill packaging based on specific gravity (sg) value. Which is mass x volume. For our balms, the sg is 0,9. So 0,9 x 100 g = 90 g. This is the amount to be filled but we fill an extra 5 g. Unfortunately, adding more than 97 g overflows and gets stuck to the lid.

It is the same for the 15 g tin. The amount to fill is 13,5 g but just over 14 g is filled. We cannot display 15 ml as a balm is solid and must display in weight.

Please note old labels may still display 15 g or 100 g but the correct weight is provided in our Store for each Product.

We are updating old labels to remain compliant with EU Cosmetic guidelines and true to you, our valued client.