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Aurora Re-usable 100% Cotton Face scrubbies(6 in a pack)

Product Info

Switch from cotton pads and face cloths to reusable 100% cotton scrubbies. These colourful Aurora scrubbies are handmade and ideal as a makeup remover or face wipe.

Use:                    Wet scrubbie before use for a softer feel upon application.

Instructions: Hand wash in cold water and dry flat immediately after use.
Once your crotched facial scrubbie has frayed. Add your biodegradable scrubbies to your compost pile as the dyes are non-toxic.

100% Pure Cotton: available in (sizes S or M) in various colours from mint, pickled ginger, sunglow, orchid to cornflour.
In packs of 6. Dimensions S (5 cm x 5 cm ) – M (6 cm x 6 cm)

Also available in an assortment of Bamboo scrubbies. Enquire when placing an order.

Gentle: Gentle on sensitive skin. Especially for those with sensitivities to wool. Also gentle to our environment and Planet we live in.

Aurora Natural Skincare is endorsed by Beauty without cruelty, Peta Beauty without Bunnies and VeganSA

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